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AFCAT examination

  • Exam Schedule
  • The exam for candidates who are registered in June cycle is ordinarily conducted in the month of August and for candidates who are registered in December cycle is ordinarily conducted in the month of February of the ensuing year.
  • The template schedule for the exam is as follows:-
Activity 1st Shift 2nd Shift
Candidate Reporting Time 0730 hrs 1230 hrs
Verification of Admit Card ID Proof, Photography and Candidate Seating 0730- 0930 hrs 1230- 1430 hrs
Reading of Instructions by Candidates 0930- 0945 hrs 1430- 1445 hrs
AFCAT 0945- 1145 hrs 1445 -1645 hrs

Special Instructions to Candidates for Online Examination.

  • (i) Items to be Brought Inside Examination Hall :-
  • The following items are to be carried to the exam centre:-
  •  e-Admit Card for AFCAT 
  •  Candidates Aadhaar Card.
  •  Another valid photo identity card such as PAN card/ passport/ driving licence/ voter identity card/college identity card or any other valid photo identity proof, with details of name, father s name, date of birth and a clear photograph.
  •  Two passport size colour photographs- same as the photo uploaded during online application (to be pasted, not stapled on Admit Card next to the printed photo and on attendance sheet at the exam centre).
  •  Ballpoint Pen (Blue or Black) for signing on the attendance sheet and rough work.
  • (ii) Items not permitted inside Examination Hall:-
  • are not allowed to carry any of the following items.
  •  Blue tooth device, communication / electronic / digital / wireless devices like calculators, docupen, electronic watches with facilities of calculator, cellular phone, memory card/ stick, pager, organizer, personal digital assistant (PDA), concealed microphone or camera, radio, headset, Walkman, recorder, translator etc.
  •  Textual or stationery material such as pencil-box/geometry box, book, log tables, clip board, slide rule (except blue or black transparent ballpoint pen).
  •  Personal items (wristwatch/wristband, bracelets, handbags, ornaments, wallet, purse, head gear, scarf, goggles, jackets) eatable items (chips, chocolates, food, drinks etc.).
  • (iii) If any candidate is found in possession of any of the above mentioned items, it will be construed as an attempt to using unfair means and his/her examination will be cancelled. The item will be confiscated and he/she will also be debarred from future AFCAT examinations.
  • (iv) Candidates are advised not to bring any valuable/costly items to the Examination Centres, as safe keeping of the same cannot be assured. IAF will not be responsible for any loss in this regard.
  • (v) Malpractice:-
  • If any candidate resorts to the use of unfair means during the exam, he/ she will be withdrawn from the examination and his/her candidature will be cancelled.
  • (vi) Conduct in Examination Hall:-
  • The candidates are expected to conduct themselves in a dignified manner during the examination or while interacting with the staff on duty. If any candidate is involved in act(s) of indiscipline at the exam centre (before, during or after the exam), he/ she will be withdrawn from the examination and his/ her candidature will be cancelled.
  • (vii) Instructions for examination:-
  • Question paper will be made available to candidates only during the online examination. The request of candidates to provide copies of question paper will not be entertained. No query pertaining to AFCAT will be entertained after six months from the date of exam. Candidates will not be permitted to leave the exam hall till completion of the examination.


Marking and Normalisation Scheme : AFCAT

  • 1. The marking scheme is as follows:-

    (a) Three marks will be awarded for every correct answer.
    (b) One mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer.
    (c) No marks for unattempted questions.    

  • 2. In order to rationalise the marks scored by candidates appearing in different shifts in an objective manner through a statistical method, before declaration of result of marks scored by candidates, will be Normalised as per the following Formula :-



 =Normalized marks of jth  candidate in the ith  shift.

 = is the average marks of the top 0.1% of the candidates considering all shifts (number of candidates will be rounded-up).

 = is the sum of mean and standard deviation marks of the candidates in the examination considering all shifts.

 = is the average marks of the top 0.1% of the candidates in the i th  shift (number of candidates will be rounded-up).

 = is the sum of mean marks and standard deviation of the i th  shift.

 = is the actual marks obtained by the j th  candidate in i th  shift.

 = is the sum of mean marks of candidates in the shift having maximum mean and standard deviation of marks of candidates in the examination considering all shifts.

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AFCAT examination