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General Terms and Conditions

Last Updated On: 21/06/2012  | 
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1.             Types of commission. There are two types of commission:-

Permanent Commission

A Permanent Commission means a career in the Air Force till you retire. Permanent Commission Officers continue to serve till the age of superannuation. For a Permanent Commission, you could join as follows:

·                     MEN

o   For Flying Branch

o   After 10+2 - Join NDA

o   After Graduation - Join through CDSE


o         For Technical and Ground Duty Branches - Opt for Permanent Commission (PC) course through AFCAT and join Air Force Academy

·                     WOMEN

o         Presently Women Officers of Education and Accounts Branch only are being considered for Permanent Commission. Option for PC will be considered/offered on successful completion of Short Service Commission (SSC) tenure, subject to Vacancies, suitability, merit, willingness and service requirements


Short Service Commission

A Short Service Commission means a limited period career in the Air Force. You can join the IAF as a Short Service Commission Officer by opting for a SSC Course.

·                           For Men and Women

·                           Available to graduate and post graduate entries only

·                           Tenure

o   Flying Branch – The engagement period is 14 years from date of commissioning (not extendable)

o   Technical and Ground Duty branches – The engagement period would be for a period of 10 years. An extension of 4 years may be granted subject to vacancies, suitability, merit, willingness and service requirement.


2.            Marital Status .  Candidates below 25 years of age must be unmarried (term unmarried excludes widower and divorcee even though without encumbrances). Marriage is not permitted during training. Married candidates above 25 years of age are eligible to apply but during training period they will neither be provided married accommodation nor can they live out with family.


3.            Candidate should not have been arrested, convicted or prosecuted on criminal charges.


4.            Candidates who have been withdrawn / suspended from Defence Training Establishments on grounds of discipline are not eligible to apply.